Record Store Day 2017

Record Store Day was started in 2007 and on it’s 10 year anniversary, vinyl records are as popular as ever. Those wanting to score rare releases or take advantage of the different sales offered are aware there will be long lines – but they will be worth it. Audubon Park turns Record Store Day into a neighborhood event, inviting various deejays to perform sets throughout the day as well as having on site food and drinks from nearby vendors such as Blue Bird Bake Shop and mobile coffee cart Mercantile Coffee Co. There are numerous releases exclusive to this year’s event, including releases from Andre 3000, late Hip Hop legend Big L, and Johnny Cash. The full list is available here.

1. Rock & Roll Heaven | 1814 N ORANGE AVE, ORLANDO, FL 32804

I always have considered Rock & Roll Heaven the OG of Orlando record shops.Located in the Ivanhoe neighborhood, Rock & Roll Heaven is the perfect spot for 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s vinyl and CD’s. They also have an array of newer R&B and hip hop, and even some brand new classic hip hop albums. You can sell your vinyl to R&R too. They also have a ton of memorabilia, from t-shirts and collectable figures to gold discs. And the best part – they have an entire room of $1 vinyl full of gems.


2. Uncle Tony’s Donut Shoppe | 703 N ORANGE AVE, ORLANDO, FL 32801

This is a newer spot to open in Orlando, opening their doors a little over a year ago. The shop is located right by Downtown Orlando, and the new Greetings Tour Orlando mural is graces one of its walls. Genres carried include hip hop, funk, jazz and even latin. It has a real laid back, cool vibe and a good selection of rare and harder to find 12″ and 7″ vinyl. They also carry t-shirts with their logo as well as other apparel and hats.


3. Park Ave CD’s | 2916 CORRINE DR, ORLANDO, FL 32803

Located in the Audubon Park Garden District, this store is a collectors dream. Along with new and used vinyl, you can buy books, apparel,collector’s toys, memorabilia, and used CD’s. Any time I’ve been looking for a specific album that I can’t find anywhere else, I’ve been able to find it at Park Ave. There is a lot going on around Audubon Park to celebrate Record Store Day, so click here for the full list.


4. Remix The Store | 1217 N MILLS AVE, ORLANDO, FL 32803

This Mills 50 gem has a great selection of  70’s, 80’s and 90’s records, as well as hip hop, breaks, and freestyle vinyls. Remix has several record players that they welcome you to use to listen to any used album you’d like to hear. Remix is throwing an unofficial Record Store Day party on Saturday from 11-8, so get yourself a beer while you pick out your new records. There will be a number of deejays performing, and all the information regarding the party can be found here.


5. Foundation College Park | 2527 EDGEWATER DR, ORLANDO, FL

The newest arrival to the vinyl scene in Orlando is Foundation. Not only do they sell new and classic records but they can also put your music on vinyl (a service provided to musicians only). Their business began as an online record store called Instacrates, and now have a brick and mortar in an awesome location, directly next to The Soda Fountain and The Dog House. So snag some vinyl and then swing next door for some loaded tater tots and milkshakes. Foundation’s Record Store Day sale is from 10am-10pm tomorrow, and all the records and vintage clothing will be 20% off.


6. Retro Records | 59 N BUMBY AVE, ORLANDO, FL

One of the staples in the city, Retro Records opened their doors in 1984 and have been rocking ever since. Located in the Milk District, the store has a vast selection of albums in genres ranging from soul to classic rock to heavy metal. Along with music, Retro Records has an impressive variety of memorabilia starting from the 1950’s onward. Recently, they’ve also added a limited array of vintage comics. They are a buy-sell-trade store.


7. The Owl’s Attic | 3106 CORRINE DR, ORLANDO, FL

This Audubon Park shop sells everything from vintage fashion, handmade jewelry, local art, and vinyl. For Record Store Day they are doing something different from any other local record store. They are offering a selection of vinyls at only $5, and are donating the proceeds to non profits that benefit the arts. The shop will be open from 12-10pm, and is located just a short walk down from Park Ave CD’s so you can hit both and only have to find parking once! Win.



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